We perform

We provide support throughout the whole development cycle of the software:
analysis - design - programming - testing - implementation - support
We use only proven technology.

The offer includes:

  • Windows applications
    Standard applications running on the Windows operating system.
  • Internet applications
    These are the applications supported while using a web browser eg. Internet Explorer.
  • Databases
    Projects, creation and programming of databases.
  • Websites
    Support while the design and implementation of the web sites.

Our mission

We work for the benefit of our Customers. For the whole time we improve our qualifications in order to meet new demands and achieve success. In partnership we are guided by the idea of win-win solutions.

The quality policy

With the aim of achieving welfare of the Customer and his success, we have established the following Quality Policy:
We satisfy the needs of our customers using the latest technology to create software of the highest quality while maintaining high safety standards.
Our values:

Focus on the Customer - that is focusing on his needs, responsible treatment and offering the best possible solutions.

Professionalism - that is to fulfil the assigned tasks, the competence and its continuous improvement.

Respect - that is the honesty, openness and understanding in relation with the Client and colleagues.

Partnership - an action which aims to help both cooperating parties.
We guarantee that these values are our guideline during the job.


In our software we use reliable and highly efficient technology of Microsoft .NET. This is currently one of the leading technology that helps to produce software for business. Microsoft is the guarantor of the reliability of this platform.

Development environment:  Microsoft Visual Studio
Programming language: C#
Database:  Microsoft  SQL Server 
Microsoft  SQL Server
Microsoft Access

Software: custom-made or off-the-shelf?

Due to the way of creating, software can be divided into two types:

  1. off-the-shelf software, sold in the same form for multiple customers,
  2. custom software, which is written for one client, pursuing only his needs.

The advantage of off-the-shelf software is the low price compared to custom software because the cost of work of programmers is divided into hundreds and sometimes thousands of customers who bought the license of the popular software. In case of custom software there is only one customer, and he covers the costs of work of programmers.

However, custom-made software have many advantages, which are unattainable for off-the-shelf software.

  • As the name suggests they are custom-made and exactly meet the needs of the customer. In off-the-shelf software you have to adapt to existing functionality of the current version.
  • Flexibility - this is the biggest advantage of custom software. While using the software, needs change, new ideas appear - thanks to the fact that the software was made for one customer, you can easily implement changes. In off-the-shelf software requests from customers are to be heard, which does not mean that they are implemented.
  • It will be easy to use (on the contrary to the off-the-shelf software in which many unused functions only litter the user interface)