What are the stages of software development process?


1)   First, we clearly specify what the purpose of a software is, or why it should be built.

2)     Determining of requirements.
Those will be a joint meeting at which we will write down, point by point, what are the expectations for the software. We carefully and patiently explain all the intricacies of programming. But do not worry - you do not need to have an accurate, detailed vision of the software. Together, step by step, we come to the end.

3)    The analysis phase
Thanks to the fact that we have determined the requirements, or "what" will the software do, we will be able to determine "how" it will be doing it. In this phase of creating of the software we will take care of the details. We will focus on how the particular function of the software is to be executed.

4)     The design phase
Once you gather all the information, we can proceed to design the software. At this stage, we will offer initial appearance of the user's interface.

5)     The coding phase
After approval of the previous steps, you can get on with building the software (programming).

6)   Deployment phase
This is the final stage of production of the software. At this point, the finished product is installed on computers and training is carried out.